8R Review

Thinking Like a Scientist

Quizziz Review Density

Quizziz Thinking Like a Scientist


Periodic Table Song

Chemistry Unit Review Quizziz

Energy Review Materials:

Energy Quiz Quizizz Review

Conduction, Convection, Radiation Visual Flash

Energy Transfer and Storage

Mr. Edmonds Phase Change Song

Mr. Edmonds Energy Song (Conservation)

Falling Rhino KE to PE

Rollercoaster KE to PE Demo

Electromagnetic Spectrum Explanation

Energy Unit Test Quizizz

Mapping Earth

Latitude and Longitude Review Video

Waves/EQ’s/Plate Tectonics Review Materials:

Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction Review

Continental Drift Animation

Convection in the Mantle Animation

Subduction Animation

Theory of Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift Interactive Overview

Plate Motion Interactive

Waves Quiz QUIZIZZ 2019

Dynamic Crust TEST Quizizz

Earth, Whats it Made of?

Earth Unit Test Quizizz


Weather Quiz Quizizz Link

Weather Practice Test 1

Weather Practice Test 2

Final Review Quizziz

  1. Final Review All Topics

Astronomy Quizizz

  1. Unit Review Astronomy Quizizz
  2. Astronomy Quizizz Practice 2

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11/5 – Periodic Table Quiz Review

2/2 – Energy Unit Review

3/22Weather Unit Test Review